Blair LeBlanc

b. 1994

instructor at and co-founder of The Zero with the brilliant and brave Mo Costello, est. spring 2018

living and working in and around Atlanta (my car and my backpack are my studio, but if you have a dark room or room room you’d like to share

please hit me up :)

I like to hold the photos in my hands…

I like to sit three rows back so that the screen eclipses my field of vision…

I want to show my movie at the chain theaters…

I want to learn and unlearn with the best artists of my generation…

I have a boisterous memoir collection…

I have a gorgeous cd player…


1. Pick the thing we want to happen and do that

2. You can relax because everything you could ever want or be, you already have and are

3. Paint sacred art

Sitting on the bench:

1. Stay Soft

2. Holy Love Abov All!

3. This Is Sacred Ground

4. This Is A Holy Place

5. Dirty Filth

6. Fuck Body

7. Hand Over

8. Thee Mone

If you’d like to talk, for any reason, email blarelablonk@gmail.com :)

cv/editorial work available (I want to work with you)

so, what is your work about?…what is it? what do you do?…why the fuck?…haha…

puppies, puppies

soccer field

music: come save my soul

i am hell bound, no doubt

experimental photography

the one

the pervert, her perversion

from her i have learned