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painting by Rebecca Shippee, 2019

Blair LeBlanc (b. Atlanta, GA 1994) is an American artist

living and working in New York, NY.

She holds a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography with high honors from Georgia State University.

In 2019, she held her first solo exhibition, Lovesong, at The Bakery (Atlanta).

In Summer 2017, she was the photographer for experimental rock band Trashcan on their Total tour.

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2017 BFA, Georgia State University


2017 Mark Phillips Scholarship

2017 Photography Undergraduate Award

Solo Exhibitions

2020 (Upcoming) Ciné, Athens, GA

2019 Lovesong, The Bakery, Atlanta, GA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Be Kind, Give, Love Yourself (with Vision Kaushik), Brooklyn, NY

2017 Picture Newspaper, Murmur, Atlanta, GA

2016 Expo #1, The Nasty Cowboy, Atlanta, GA

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