hi im feeling much better. i was so sick this weekend, the pain was terrible. elaine and i had a wonderful band practice and matt agreed to be our drummer. maggy got a steady job at a gallery. taylor is wrapping up their application for summer fellowship at the high. im sure theyll get it. queer skate day three is happening! i printed the flyers today. when i sent them to the crew they said it is cute. were good, were good.



hi im blair ive been feeling particularly unfocused the past few days and questioning my productivity in the past few months since i graduated. im worried ive been putting my energy into too many activities. i fear i am veering from my future goals. i want to have a practice that is singular and focused. just photos of. just videos of. but i keep making music and books and drawing frank ocean lyrics on my pants. 

i am worried i am not treating my friends as well as they deserve. really thats on my mind the most but i guess since this is my "art website" i started there... i go through few day cycles of feeling like everyones doing well, then everyone is either bad, mad or done with me. but then it clears up. im still inept at fostering a romantic relationship but i feel like im getting better. i can awknowlege im learning. 


my name is blair leblanc. i was born in 1994. i am an artist living in atlanta.

please reach out about anything <3 blarelablonk@gmail.com